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    New Food Safety courses
    de Lynette Morris - jueves, 23 julio 2015, 9:42

    Chiltern Training have just launched new accredited and professional development eLearning courses for Food Safety in Health and Social Care and Childcare Settings.



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    New Apprenticeship Frameworks at CTL
    de Lynette Morris - martes, 21 julio 2015, 11:13

    Chiltern Training is currently launching delivery of Team Leading, Customer Service and Health & Social Care apprenticeships.


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    New Management Professional Development Courses Available
    de Lynette Morris - jueves, 18 junio 2015, 5:02

    Chiltern Training are pleased to present all new short courses for developing professional skills. Access our website today for more information: www.chilterntraining.org.uk 


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    Level 5 Leadership & Management Online Courses
    de Lynette Morris - martes, 26 mayo 2015, 12:37

    CMI courses provide excellent progression opportunities.

    Once learners have completed an online Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management they can build on their completed coursework by adding one further online study unit to acheive the Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management. The ...

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    CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management courses now available fully online
    de Lynette Morris - domingo, 1 febrero 2015, 1:48

    These qualifications are for the development of the role and skills of managers. They aim to develop personal management capabilities, make effective use of information in decision-making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people.